Have you ever gone out to eat and found yourself devouring the best French fries or fish fry? Do you ever wish you could make those same foods at home? Well, today, we are going to share the rules you must follow when you want to achieve restaurant quality deep fried foods. You might want to get ready, because your taste buds will want you to start cooking right away!

Want to Achieve Restaurant Quality Deep Fried Food? Follow These Rules!


Choose the Right Oil

Lighter fried foods require vegetable oils for frying. However, you may prefer corn oil if you like a stronger taste. No matter which oil you choose, you must never let the temperature reach the smoking point. If you do, the smoke can be harmful and will leave a flavor you will never want to eat. 

Use a Large Quantity of Oil

You may be tempted to use the least amount of oil as possible when you are frying foods at home. Lesser amounts of oil can cause burning of the food. And since the temperature of the oil drops quicker when food is placed in smaller amounts of oil, you won’t get the crispiness you want at the end. 

Use the Proper Batter

Moist foods must be dipped into a lighter batter, so the result is not mushy food after frying. Drier foods can be dipped into a heartier batter without any issues after cooking. 

Fry Smaller Batches

You may be in a hurry to get dinner on the table, but deep-frying foods in large batches can result in a soggy mess that no one will eat. We recommend placing a couple pieces of food into the oil and frying everything in small batches. This will ensure the oil temperature doesn’t drop too quickly.
deep fryer pork 

Keep the Oil a Constant Temperature

It can be difficult to keep the oil in your pan at a constant temperature. If the pan is pale, your oil is not ready. However, if your oil is too hot, it will smoke and can even burn the outside of your pan. 

Drain Your Foods Properly

When you drain your fried foods, how do you do it? If you are like many people, you stack the food on top of the last piece. This is not the right way to do it, because the hotter foods will cause the food below to become soggy. Instead, you should place the food on frying paper for a few minutes before placing it on another plate. 

Salting Your Fried Foods

You must never salt your fried foods until you are ready to serve them. This will ensure the oil is dried and the salt won’t absorb and create an awful taste.

These are the seven rules you must follow if you want restaurant quality fried foods at home. Skipping any of these rules will give you fried foods that are nothing like what you will taste at your favorite restaurant.

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