Microwave cabinets are great for providing additional storage space in your kitchen, without taking up too much space itself. However, there are many different models of microwave cabinets to choose from, with some providing more storage space than others. To help you choose the best microwave cabinet to fit your needs, consider the following factors before making your decision!


1) What is the Purpose of Having a Microwave Cabinet?

A microwave cabinet acts as a covering for your microwave oven. It also helps to hide some of those unsightly cords and makes cleaning easier. As such, you may be wondering why you need one in your kitchen at all, let alone how to choose it. For starters, if you have a separate oven and microwave as part of an appliance set, you’ll want a new cabinet if yours gets damaged or too worn down over time. If you want extra storage space on top of hiding unsightly things, however, then there are other options that do just that without costing more than $500. It’s up to you which route you want to go!


2) Things to Consider When Choosing Microwave Cabinets

Things to Consider When Choosing Microwave Cabinets

Be sure to take your needs into account when shopping for microwave cabinets. Depending on your particular requirements. You might be better off opting for a more customized solution. For example, if you plan on installing a microwave above or below your oven, look for cabinets that are wide enough to accommodate it. If you have specific concerns about counter space in your kitchen, measure carefully before you buy. The last thing you want is to set up your new cabinet only to realize it blocks half of your sink! Some cabinets are designed with extra room, which can make placing them in an awkward location less problematic. And while most cabinets can handle microwaves of various sizes, some will only work with certain models. Finally, depending on where you live and what materials are readily available nearby, buying locally-produced items might help avoid shipping costs and lead times.


Buying Tips When Shopping for Microwave Cabinets

Buying Tips When Shopping for Microwave Cabinets

For anyone in need of a new microwave, cabinets are definitely an important consideration. There are so many choices available on today’s market that it can be overwhelming when trying to find one. However, making sure you take these tips into account when shopping can help you to narrow down your search and ultimately land on a product that will look great in your kitchen while also functioning well! Before shopping for cabinets, consider where you plan on placing them. Will they be placed above or below eye level? While some people may not think twice about their placement preference, there are certain aspects of each location that will play into your purchasing decision.

Make sure you weigh your options before settling on any particular design! When choosing a design, keep style preferences in mind as well. Do you want a more modern-looking cabinet? A more traditional model? Either option is fine – whatever best fits your needs is all that matters! And lastly, never underestimate how important size is. Especially if you have a small kitchen with limited space! Make sure you measure out any area of your home before settling on cabinets to ensure they will fit properly. Luckily for those looking to make an easy replacement purchase, many models come with specs listed right on their websites which makes finding information like measurements incredibly easy…but don’t take chances! It’s always better to be safe than sorry – especially when moving heavy appliances around is involved.


Reviews on our Recommended Microwave Cabinets

When purchasing a microwave, it’s important to also take into account what type of cabinet will best suit your needs. There are many options available—wire, glass, or stainless steel doors and many colors. You should consider your budget and counter space before purchasing a cabinet as well as how much you plan on using your microwave (and whether it will be exposed). Before choosing a model, consider its power and wattage; an 800-watt microwave is probably overkilled for most consumers. We recommend looking at microwaves with features like defrosting buttons and specific cook settings like for vegetables or potatoes. All microwaves produce radiation but those with ceramic components, such as those in our list above, produce less than those with plastic components.


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