Skillets are the pans everyone seems to use the most in their kitchens. After all, these pans can do everything from scrambled eggs to preparing chicken and pork chops. While you may have your own favorite skillet in your kitchen, you might not realize there are other options available to you.

Did you know there are three types of skillets?

There are!

You can choose a stainless steel, non-stick, or cast-iron skillet to use in your kitchen. Everyone seems to have a favorite, but it may not be the favorite you are currently using.

Skillets 101: Ultimate Guide for Cast Iron, Non-Stick and Stainless Steel

Cast Iron

Cast iron skillets are made from iron, which is perfect for cooking things evenly. This type of skillet is best for when you are searing meats, plus you can place the skillet in the oven to finish the cooking process.

You should never use a cast iron skillet to make any foods with tomato sauce, or any other acidic ingredients. If you do, the iron with react with those ingredients to create a metallic taste in your dish.

Cleaning a cast iron skillet is easy, because you simply wipe it clean. You can also use hot water to get tougher messes out. You must completely dry your cast iron skillet afterwards to ensure it doesn’t rust.

cast iron skillet


Non-stick skillets are made from aluminum and coated in multiple layers of a nonstick polymer. These skillets heat up quickly, but they also cool quickly. It is best to cook foods that you don’t want to stick to the skillet in these. However, you can cook any type of meal without worry.

Non-stick skillets can also make pancakes and crepes without any difficulty.

You must be careful when you clean these skillets, because you don’t want to scratch the surface.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel skillets will never rust or react with food. Therefore, these skillets can be used to make any type of meal. These pans don’t retain heat as well, but they do heat quickly and cook foods evenly. The best part is you can get a good sear on meats when you use this type of skillet.

Cleaning a stainless-steel skillet is as easy as using a little dish detergent and some hot water. Simply use a sponge or dishcloth to remove any stuck-on debris.

stainless steel skillet

Now you know all three types of skillets you can use in your kitchen. Do you know which one will fulfill your needs the best? You may have just realized you don’t have the skillet you truly need in your kitchen. Or you might be thinking you need more than one type of skillet in your kitchen. Remember, there is no right or wrong skillet to use. Only the one you know you can use to prepare delicious meals for your family. So, check out your skillet right now and see if you need to purchase a new one that will work better for your needs.

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