Kitchen cabinets are the pillar of every kitchen. They’re what draw your eye in, they make up your work space; they make up where you store all your precious foodstuffs and equipment.

Assuming you already have general knowledge about the different types of cabinets (framed, frameless, shaker) let’s look at some ideas for kitchen cabinets. They are traditionally rectangular in shape, made up of four sides and a front which houses the door(s) but what if you want to shake things up?


We’re not talking about just adding some fancy knobs or pulls, either. Let’s get into Kitchen Cabinet Ideas. They can go from simple to complicated or anywhere in between. They made of different materials, they can be painted, stained, using wallpaper, tiles; the list goes on and on. They are no longer just storage space – they’re part of the décor.

I’m sure you’ve seen cabinetry that includes additional features like pull-out boards or built in appliances or maybe even kitchen cabinets that designed to hold your Kitchen Aid mixer. Kitchen cabinet ideas are all over the map, wherever you find inspiration. And if you’re looking for kitchen cabinet Ideas, look no further!

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas are-

Cabinets as Part of the Décor

Kitchen cabinets are one of the most important parts of your kitchen. They allow storage for appliances and cooking utensils. They also add design to a kitchen, and can add color or contrast if painted or stained differently than the rest of the cabinet unit. A professional chef or housekeeper must choose them carefully to match with all aspects of your kitchen. Moreover, they should match your counter tops, be a compatible style and design to the room, and go with any other kitchen décor you have. Nonetheless, they can also add value to your home if they are made from high quality material or have interesting designs that showcase their craftsmanship. Most importantly they come in many different styles, shapes, sizes, colors!

Kitchen Cabinets with Appliances Built in

Kitchen cabinets are a great way to save space and create a seamless look. Cabinets with appliances built-in can help you maximize your kitchen layout, making the most out of every inch in the room. Without the cabinet appliances don’t have this advantage – but you can always add a microwave or other appliance on top of the countertop if you need. They are the perfect place to put your carefully considered appliances.

Kitchen Cabinets with Pullout Boards

Kitchen Cabinets with Pullout Boards are cabinets where the bottom shelf of the cabinet has been replaced by a removable board, enabling you to store items that would otherwise be hard to reach or store in an average. Generally, these items include baking sheets and cutting boards. You can also use them to store Kitchen Utensils like spatulas and serving utensils.

Custom Designed to Hold Kitchen Aid Mixer

Kitchen Aid is an American manufacturer of kitchen appliances including mixers, blenders, food processors and electric kettles. They recently announced the Kitchen Aid Artisan Series Kitchen Cabinets which made to hold their Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer.

They are traditionally designed to house standard kitchen appliances such as stoves, fridges and dishwashers. Kitchen Aid has redesigned these cabinets to accommodate the Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer with a few simple modifications. Kitchen Aid Cabinets can be custom fit with an adjustable shelf and a drawer which slides smoothly over the top of the mixer. The Kitchen Aid mixer is powered by electricity and plugs into any standard wall outlet.



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