Air fryers are one of the newer kitchen gadgets claiming space on kitchen counters around the world. When these small kitchen appliances came out, they were deemed the next must-have item for homeowners everywhere. However, we have decided to ask the question, “Are air fryers worth all the hype?”. The answer may not be as clear cut as you might think.

Are Air Fryers Worth All the Hype?

The goal of an air fryer is to make crispy fried foods without using a ton of oil. And most quality air fryers do just that! The reputable air fryers act like a convection oven by circulating extremely hot air around in a small space very quickly. The result is a crispy food item you will love sinking your teeth into.

One of the best things with air fryers is you don’t need to deal with huge amounts of cooking oil to get the crispiness you desire. This is good news for those who used to keep the oil in their deep fryers for months. They simply just kept reusing the oil, because it was a pain to dump out and clean the fryer more often. Since there is no oil in an air fryer, clean up is usually a breeze.

While air fryers use high temperatures, this machine will not heat up your whole house like the oven would. This means making fried foods like French fries or fried chicken is an option during the hotter months of the year. Plus, foods cook quickly, so you don’t need to wait long to bite into a crisp hot French fry or onion ring.

Despite the size of most air fryers, you cannot fit a lot of food into them. That means you are going to be making everything in batches. That could result in serving cold food or having everyone eating in shifts. Of course, this isn’t much different than how you would cook the same foods in an old deep fryer.

air fryer

When you are cooking with the air fryer, the fan is super loud. If you are the type of person who loves talking to your family while cooking, you will find yourself shouting a lot more.

The only downside most people see with air fryers is their actual size. These things can be quite bulky and take up more room than some other small appliances. If you cannot fit one in a cabinet, you are left keeping it on your countertop. Or you can place it in another storage spot in your home. But you know it won’t see the light of day if it ends up in storage.

Most people who have purchased an air fryer and use it all the time will tell you these small appliances are worth all the hype. However, there are a few people who hate them after trying them and others who won’t even let one inside their home. Only you will know if an air fryer is worthwhile in your home. If you want to test one out, we recommend borrowing one from a friend or family member and seeing if you think the hype is worth it.

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