Have you always wanted to make pasta from scratch? You may have been skipping over this dream for years, because you have always thought making pasta was difficult. However, let us share a little secret with you. Making pasta is much easier than you think! All you need are the proper pasta making products and you will be eating fresh pasta before you know it.

9 Products You Want to Own if You’re Attempting to Make Pasta at Home


1. Wooden Board

A wooden board is necessary for making pasta at home. Homemade pasta requires warmth, which this board provides.

2. Bench Scraper

Bench scrapers have many uses in a kitchen, so you may find yourself using this tool more often than you think. When you are making pasta though, a bench scraper is used to mix the ingredients and even divide the dough. You can even cut small pieces of dough using this tool.

3. Pasta Rolling Pin

If you already have a rolling pin in your cabinet for baking, you will be disappointed to know it won’t work for making fresh pasta. A pasta rolling pin is longer and doesn’t have handles.

4. Spray Bottles

When you are making fresh pasta, you must have a spray bottle to keep all your sheets of pasta from drying out. We recommend spray bottles, because you can easily spray the exact amount of water you need. This will prevent you from drowning your pasta and needing to start over.

5. Pasta Machine

There are a couple different pasta machines you can purchase to make your own fresh pasta. You may not be ready for the more expensive electric pasta machines. However, you may if the hand-cranked pasta machines don’t seem to be a good fit. While the hand-cranked pasta machines are a lot of work, you will still end up with delicious pasta to cook for dinner.

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6. Rolling Cutters

Are you looking to make something other than regular spaghetti or fettucine? Rolling cutters will have you making some of the best ravioli and other pastas. We recommend choosing one that has a wooden handle, because it will last a lot longer than the cheaper models.

7. Sheet Pans with Covers

Unless you plan on making all the pasta you make all at once, and right away, you will need a place to store it. We recommend using sheet pans with covers for storage. You can easily lay out your pasta and cover it until you are ready to use it.

8. Pasta Drying Rack

Despite owning sheet pans with lids, you will still want to purchase a pasta drying rack for your kitchen. Hanging your pasta to dry before placing them on the sheet pan will create a little skin on the outside. That skin will prevent the pasta from sticking together later when you are storing it or cooking it.

9. Spider Strainer

Fresh pasta is not as sturdy as what you buy in a box. Therefore, we recommend investing in a spider strainer when cooking your freshly made pasta. You can use this strainer to remove your pasta from the boiling water instead of dumping it into a colander.

These are the nine products you must have in your kitchen when you’re attempting to make pasta at home. While you won’t need all these tools at first, they all will be helpful in creating the pasta of your dreams.

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