Kitchen gadgets are advertised to save you time and money. Yet, how many of the supposedly best kitchen gadgets have you purchased over the years and then threw them into a drawer to forget about. We are not saying that there are not a few worthy kitchen gadgets out there to purchase. But not every amazing kitchen gadget is going to be worthy of a spot in your kitchen!

5 Kitchen Gadgets That are Way Overrated in 2021

1. Veggie Spiralizer

Zucchini spirals may look wonderful on your plate, but how much work do you need to do to get them there? A veggie spiralizer was created to spiralize zucchini and other vegetables. But this kitchen gadget is bulky, difficult to store, and next to impossible to get clean. If you are ready to claim your kitchen back, we recommend using a cheese grater instead.


2. Pasta Measurer

When are you going to actually have the time to go through a drawer in your kitchen to find your pasta measurer? Yes, this kitchen gadget can help you make the right amount of pasta. But that is only if you know exactly how much pasta your family will eat. Whether you grab handfuls of pasta out of the box or measure it with this gadget, there is still the chance you won’t have enough or end up with too much.


3. Asparagus Steamer

So many people thought the asparagus steamer was going to be the next rice cooker. But since people don’t cook asparagus as often as they make rice, this kitchen gadget should be considered a flop. While the asparagus steamer keeps the asparagus upright for steaming, there are other ways you can cook this vegetable. And those other options will not take up extra space in your cabinets.


4. Popcorn Machines


There are many different popcorn machines available to purchase. While you can get a countertop one, you can also get a fancy one that looks like it belongs in a movie theater. That one might be a conversation starter, but it takes up a lot of space. If you are looking to save room in your kitchen, without avoiding popcorn forever, you have another option. Instead of plugging in the popcorn machine, add oil, salt, and popcorn kernels to the bottom of a pot. Put a lid on the pot and listen to your kernels pop. You save space and get to have a healthy snack at the same time.


5. Quesadilla Maker

Quesadilla makers are fun to use, but they take up a lot of space. To avoid having one more kitchen gadget laying around in your kitchen, we recommend skipping this one. You can easily make quesadillas in a fry pan instead of a fancy kitchen gadget.


These are five of the kitchen gadgets that are way overrated in 2021. It is so easy to stock up on every kitchen gadget you see. Make this the year you focus on purchasing the kitchen gadgets that you know you will actually use. All the others can stay at the store. And if you have gadgets you aren’t using in your kitchen, this may be the time to donate them once and for all!

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