A lemon squeezer allows you to easily juice lemons, limes, and even oranges with just a quick squeeze or two, but this versatile kitchen tool has more than one use! If you didn’t know this already, you should check out these five clever uses for your lemon squeezer below.

As a Spoon Rest

The first clever use is to use it as a spoon rest. This is especially handy if you make soups or stew or even something like mashed potatoes, because let’s face it, spoons are kind of dirty! And if you’re like me, you can never find one when you need it. Instead of reaching into your silverware drawer and grabbing another spoon (that isn’t nearly as clean), keep one right by your cutting board by using your lemon squeezer. It works best on hard surfaces like tile or marble because soft surfaces like wood might not be strong enough to hold up your utensil.

You also want to avoid putting any wet utensils down in case they fall through. But since lemons aren’t wet, they should work just fine. Whether I’m doing some cooking or simply having a snack at my desk at work, I love using lemon squeezers as spoon rests. I feel like I’m being much more hygienic! Plus they come in very cute colors that match my other kitchen decor, which is always a plus!

To Stir Powdered Drink Mixes

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If you use protein powders, you know how powdery they can be. If your protein shakes are too thick, it’s time to call in some extra help. This is where your lemon squeezer comes in! Plop some protein powder into it and shake it up—the power of shaking helps break down clumps of powder so you don’t have to waste time with your shaker cup or blender. You might even be able to skip blending completely! Or you could also mix up quick pancakes using oatmeal instead of flour. Stirring dry ingredients together just got way easier.

And that concludes our 5 uses for lemon squeezers tutorial, which hopefully took your traditional method of stirring powdered drinks mixes on the go to another level by plopping everything into a lemon squeezer instead of having to scoop everything out first. Now go ahead and make us proud by spreading the word about these 5 clever uses for lemon squeezers!

To Store Bits and Pieces on Counters

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You can store your loose tea leaves and other spices inside a lemon squeezer. This way, you will never have to worry about forgetting to buy another bottle of vanilla extract, oregano or thyme. These things are extremely convenient to have around because you need them pretty much every time you cook or bake something. However, all too often we tend to forget that we don’t already have any such ingredient in our cupboards and then go out and buy it. This is why it would be best if you could keep all those ingredients together with ease so that they are always within reach at your disposal whenever you decide to start cooking something.

Plus, if you put them all in one place instead of keeping them separately, there is no way that they are going to get mixed up when they are used by mistake when mixed with other things. When it comes to storing bits and pieces on your countertop, putting everything into one spot makes good sense! It saves space while allowing you quick access. Similarly when it comes to storage in general anything that allows more space usage but also provides easy access tends to make very good sense! It saves time too since kitchen work areas usually suffer from congestion which slows down everyone working within their vicinity making for slower work overall.

Use It as a Citrus Juicer

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Many lemon squeezers also double as citrus juicers. The small device is perfect for juicing lemons, limes, and oranges and yields more juice than typical juicers. It is very easy to use and clean after making juice. You can use it to make sweet or savory cocktails, add fresh juice to your favorite dessert recipes, or simply squeeze fresh lemon into the water. With its compact size and simple design, you’ll find dozens of ways to use your lemon squeezer in your kitchen! We love our product because it has multiple uses that are compatible with other items in your house such as knives and cookware. Use them together for new things you didn’t know about before using them on their own.

As a Cocktail Shaker

It’s not exactly easy to find a use for a lemon squeezer that makes it stand out from all your other kitchen gadgets. Well, except one: A cocktail shaker. If you own a cocktail shaker, you can make pretty much any drink in it using crushed ice and using your lemon squeezer as an alternative to your old-fashioned ice cubes. You’ll squeeze out more juice from your lemon compared to when you’re shaking with regular ice cubes, too—which means a better quality drink in less time! This will work great in drinks like martinis, Cuba Libres, and other cocktails that require crushed ice.

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